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L2 for kids will be participating in the Give Big Lexington and give2GROW town fundraising event.

Please consider donating to help buy school clothes for kids in need.

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Everyone associated with L2 for Kids are volunteers and do not draw a salary from the funds donated.

In 2021, L2 for Kids was only able to give $50 to each child for each grade level.

On July 27, July 29, and Aug 5th, L2 for Kids shopped for 150 families and their 326 children @ $16,519.00

K-5 grade       184              $ 9,420.60

6-8 grade         77               $3,549.05

9-12 grade       66               $3,549.35

Total                326              $16,519.00


From 2013 to August 2021, Lexington L2 for Kids has provided new school clothing for 2,541 children @ $182,213.13.

L2 for Kids was started in the fall of 2017 when Scott McKelvey, Father Lux and Pastor Birtell invited Henry Potter to explain how L2 for Kids could help underprivileged Holdrege children. Giving children a second chance to feel good about themselves by shopping for new school clothes to wear that first day of school. Clothes they like and will wear to school.

2017, 64 children @ $4,511.18 purchased new school clothes at the Holdrege Shopko.

2018, 79 area Holdrege children @ $6303.20.

2019, 71 area Holdrege children @ $5,815.86.

2020, 67 area Holdrege children @ $5,840.65.

2021, 83 area Holdrege children @ $7,011.47

In 5 years, a total of

218 children K-5th grade

96 children 6-8th grade

50 children 9-12th grade

364 area Holdrege children purchased new school clothes for a Grand Total of $29,482.36.