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Providing under-privileged children with new clothes for school to help increase their self-esteem and well-being.

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mission statement

Think about the spring a new pair of shoes adds to your step the first time you wear them.

How about the confidence from a whole new outfit?

Now imagine how you would feel getting shoes and brand new clothes for the very first time! It’s a feeling that has been shared with many underprivileged children over the past years of building L2 for Kids across central Nebraska.
With the help of local churches, counselors, and school personnel, applications will be given to the parents of children needing school clothes. Based on a family’s application of need received by L2 for Kids, Inc., each child in grades K-12 will be offered a one-time shopping trip to purchase new school clothes.

The program’s aim is to increase a child’s self-esteem and sense of well-being.

L2 stands for Lazarus in the Bible who was given a second chance. Like Lazarus, children have a second chance with new school clothes for the first day of school. With the help of local churches, counselors, and school personnel, applications will be given to the parents of children needing school clothes.

L2 for Kids is striving to give all children the opportunity to hold their head up high and gain self-confidence. Children who feel good about themselves and their appearance exude confidence, which promotes success and accomplishment.

Success of the program is reflected on the happy, delighted faces of the children who will have new clothes to wear to school, and their thankful parents who cannot afford to buy new clothing for their children.

Everyone associated with L2 for Kids are volunteers and do not draw a salary from the funds donated.

Some big non-profit organizations tend to give back about 20 to 30 percent of the funds donated and have CEOs who draw ridiculously high salaries. This does not occur with our charity! All funds donated stay in the local communities and go to buying clothes for school children in need.

Mission Statement

L2 for Kids is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that buys new school clothes for kids as a way to show them that someone cares.

About us

Founder Henry Potter of Willow Island created L2 for Kids in 2011 with $14,000 in seed money that initially was raised to start a home for troubled boys. When the state of Nebraska decided not to use such homes, the money was re-directed into what is now L2 for Kids.

The L2 board invested the initial $14,000 in an endowment fund and uses only the interest, about $700 per year, for the actual program. To supplement this amount, and to increase the number of kids that can be helped, the board seeks other sources of income, including donations and grant funding.

The approach is to raise money and give it away, with 100 percent of the money donated going to the kids. Donations can also be made to a trust. Adults who help administer the program all are volunteers. Henry is president of the seven-member L2 for Kids board and wife, Pat, handles the bookkeeping. Additionally, each town where the program operates has a council comprised of community members.

L2 for Kids recognizes many parents live paycheck to paycheck and said no matter the reason, children should know they are cared for and that they can rise above their present circumstances. Once we saw how awesome it is to help kids, we wanted to share it, have it spread. We approached Gothenburg about the program when he moved to Willow Island in 2010.

The program has benefited children in Alma, Cambridge, Cozad, Culbertson, Grant, Gothenburg,  Holdrege, Lexington, North Platte, and the McCook area.
Children selected to receive clothing in the L2 for Kids program shop with a parent and our volunteers to choose clothing they want and need. The only guidelines are the clothes must be school appropriate and sticking within a budget.  

L2 for Kids is a partner agency of United Way in Lexington and North Platte.

L2 for kids is partner agency of the United Fund in Gothenburg. 

L2 for kids is partner agency of the Cozad Charitable Fund.

Thank you for all your support! 

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Click to watch a short video of testimonials for some of the children we have helped.

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